1. David Lewkowich

    David Lewkowich on exploring relationships between lines and letters

    Words. Pictures. Teaching. Reading. Love. Rockets. Musicals. And crystal meth. These are the thoughts that constantly swirl about the active mind of David Lewkowich. Having recently joined the Department of Secondary Education as a professor in English Language Arts, he has a thousand and one ideas on where to take his research, and only a lifetime to explore them.

  2. yiwcl 2015

    Healing a legacy of cultural genocide through a new generation of Indigenous women

    While Canadians grapple with how to handle the legacy of residential schools, the University of Alberta's Faculty of Education has spent the past seven years trying to heal some of those wounds. Founded by Dr. Heather Blair in 2008, the Alliance Pipeline Young Women's Circle of Leadership (APYWCL) strives to restore some sense of identity and belonging to young Aboriginal women while teaching them valuable skills based in traditional Indigenous culture.

  3. Dust Adams

    Secondary names new associate chairs

    The Department of Secondary Education has appointed Dr. Thomas Dust and Dr. Cathy Adams as its new Associate Chair, Undergrad and Associate Chair, Graduate, respectively.

  4. Athanas Ngalawa

    Formula for success: enhancing education through community initiative

    Secondary Education doctoral graduate Athanas Ngalawa speaks about his research, and what it means to define success by taking initiative and creating opportunity.

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  1. Graduate Student Orientation

    August 31 2015

  2. Classes Start

    September 01 2015

  3. Department Council Meeting

    September 04 2015

  4. Undergraduate Instructors Meeting

    September 04 2015

  5. Secondary APT Add/Delete

    September 06 2015

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