1. Marg Iveson retirement

    Secondary professor Marg Iveson celebrated by family, colleagues at retirement function

    Longtime instructor and department mainstay Marg Iveson was surrounded by family and colleagues on April 16 to celebrate her achievements upon her formal retirement. With a career spanning decades, Iveson has been an influential member of the Department of Secondary Education.

  2. Cathryn van Kessel Education Award

    Education celebrates its own at teaching and research awards

    Not many instructors can claim to have received teaching evaluations from their students that included the words “Woop! Woop!” But Cathryn van Kessel, instructor and PhD student in the Department of Secondary Education, sure can.

  3. Grad Research Showcase

    Envisioning the future of education with the Graduate Student Research Showcase

    Education graduate students will get the chance to hone their presentation skills and share their work with colleagues in this weekend’s Graduate Student Research Showcase.

  4. Olenka Bilash

    Education-led project focused on complex situation in the Ukraine receives funding

    The Kule Institute for Advanced Study has reached a threshold moment this year and awarded a total of $500,000 to six outstanding projects across the social sciences, humanities and arts faculties under its new Research Cluster Grant program.

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