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    Study explores definitions of evil among high school students

    “Evil” is a word with many meanings, a broad concept with a definition made increasingly vague by our evolving literary landscape. In her upcoming study, Secondary Education PhD candidate Cathryn van Kessel intends to seek out the true meaning of evil by researching the way it’s understood by teens. Taking into account the wide range of cultural and personal influences that can shape an individual’s understanding of morality, van Kessel hopes to arrive at a stronger understanding of what it truly means to be evil.

  2. Teaser Image: Iris Yin

    Doctoral Student Iris Yin named Killam Prize winner

    A doctoral student in the Department of Secondary Education has brought her faculty into the spotlight as one of this year’s recipients of the Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Scholarship. Fourth-year PhD student Iris Yin has been granted the University of Alberta’s most prestigious graduate award for her research into the importance of teacher/student eye contact as part of the classroom learning experience.

  3. Teaser-Transforming Books

    Art students find voice through transforming books

    As the rift between printed and digital texts grows wider, a Secondary Education PhD candidate is encouraging his students to breathe new life into old books. By transforming encyclopedias into works of art, Ron Wigglesworth’s class has explored their relationships with information and the transcendent power of knowledge in the physical realm.

  4. Symposium transcends borders through mathematics education

    Mathematics is an international language that transcends borders. This summer, the Department of Secondary Education hosted a symposium on mathematics research in Tanzania, bringing a multinational team of scholars one step closer to completing a years-long project aimed at understanding how universities can work with communities to enhance mathematics instruction.

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