Student working with a hammer


  1. Teaser-Transforming Books

    Art students find voice through transforming books

    As the rift between printed and digital texts grows wider, a Secondary Education PhD candidate is encouraging his students to breathe new life into old books. By transforming encyclopedias into works of art, Ron Wigglesworth’s class has explored their relationships with information and the transcendent power of knowledge in the physical realm.

  2. Symposium transcends borders through mathematics education

    Mathematics is an international language that transcends borders. This summer, the Department of Secondary Education hosted a symposium on mathematics research in Tanzania, bringing a multinational team of scholars one step closer to completing a years-long project aimed at understanding how universities can work with communities to enhance mathematics instruction.

  3. Secondary Education professor Kent den Heyer

    Teaching Conference hopes to inspire educators to innovate in the classroom

    Alberta’s teachers are being faced with a host of new challenges in the classroom. From rapidly evolving technological standards to the proposed changes in the provincial government’s “Inspiring Education” plan, educators sometimes struggle to stay ahead of the curve. But with his upcoming conference, University of Alberta professor Kent den Heyer hopes to provide educators with a platform to collaborate and find their place in the evolving educational landscape.

  4. 4th year Secondary Education Math Majors Produce Curriculum Resource Video

    Professor Simmt's 4th year students show how they could integrate technology into their pedagogy by producing a video.

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